Book of demonstrations by a local teacher


After teaching high school physics for twenty-five years, I retired with a glow of satisfaction and fulfillment. How I enjoyed teaching physics. In my teaching approach I had put an emphasis on doing physics demonstrations that were relevant, clear and right down fun. I found that my students got more mentally involved with the learning process when they could see some physics principle at work in a fun demonstration.

I decided to put to paper forty-eight of my most popular and fun demonstrations in a book entitled Musings of a Retired Physics Teacher. I truly believe physics teachers would benefit from reading it. It is available on Amazon. I do not know if you have some kind of bulletin board for placing such an announcement as this but I thought I would put out a query.  Here is a link to the book on Amazon:

Musings of a Retired Physics Teacher

I might add that I have had several articles published in The Physics Teacher, back when I was teaching.

Jack L. Smith

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